New Hours Update

It’s that time of year, as school quickly approaches, we begin to wind down another pool season.  We aren’t done yet, but we do have some changes to our operating hours.  Below are the times for the remainder of the season.

Back to School Hours 2023

Wednesday August 16th          12pm-8pm
Thursday August 17th              4pm-8pm
Friday August 18th                   4pm-10pm (Adult Day 10am-4pm)
Saturday August 19th               12pm-9pm
Sunday August 20th                 12pm-8pm
Monday August 21st                 4pm-8pm
Tuesday August 22nd               4pm-8pm
Wednesday August 23rd          4pm-8pm
Thursday August 24th              4pm-8pm
Friday August 25th                    4pm-10pm
Saturday August 26th                12pm-7pm (Reception 8pm-12am)
Sunday August 27th                  12pm-8pm
Monday August 28th                 4pm-8pm
Tuesday August 29th                 4pm- 8pm
Wednesday August 30th           4pm-8pm
Thursday August 31st                4pm-8pm
Friday September 1st                 4pm-10pm
Saturday September 2nd           12pm-9pm
Sunday September 3rd               12pm-9pm
Monday September 4th              12pm-8pm