April 2024 Update: We have had some technical difficulties updating our system to function with our club policies and are still working to get this feature running as smoothly as possible for our members.  As of now we will be  taking reservations  on-site first come first serve on opening day with a manager.

Want to host a party at the Club?

Tents may only be rented by current members of the pool and must remain on-site for the entire duration of the party.  Please see the manager on duty for making your reservation.  Payment (Check or Cash) must be paid when your reserve your tent.


Tent Rental is not FULLY booked until payment is made. Management will reach out prior to booking if payment has not been confirmed.  Cancellations can be made 48 hour prior and refunds will be issued, please contact Support.  Refunds/Rescheduling will only happen if the FHSC closes due to closing of the pool due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. DO NOT Book a tent rental to just reserve the spot, payment must be made when booking.

  • Small Tent: $30 per session
  • Large Tent: $40 per session
  • Sessions are:
    • 12-4pm
    • 4pm-8pm
  •  NOTE: parties greater than 40 require additional approval.


  • Check in with the Manager
  • All Guest who are non-members must sign a liability waiver
  •  Guest Fees – FOR PARTIES ONLY
  • $5 per swimming guest / $2 for non-swimming guest, will be paid at end of party with final guest counts with the manager.
  • Guest must exit the FHSC property at the end of reservation or pay normal guest rates.
  • Payment for non-member guests can be made via cash or check to the manager on duty with your final count.

Tents are NOT available to rent on Memorial Day Weekend or Labor Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and July 4th.

We begin taking reservations for tents at the Club please see Manager on duty.

Members are responsible for ALL cleanup, decorations, excess trash, from your party. All club rules apply to all members of your party. Please no glitter/confetti/water balloons. Outside food may be brought in as per club rules, and no glass.