Effective May 2016, Updated May 2021, April 2022, March 2024

Rules and Regulations are designed to address the safety and comfort of our members and our guests.

All persons using the Club facilities do so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to persons or property in connection with such use. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.
· All members and guests must follow instructions given by the Club Manager(s) on duty. Failure to follow instructions may result in ejection from the Club for the day. This applies to adults and children. If a child is ejected, the parents will be notified.
· Continuing misconduct may be cause for expulsion from the Club and forfeiture of all fees. This action shall be at the discretion of the board.
· Please do not reprimand Club employees or dispute actions taken by Club employees. All complaints involving Club staff should be directed to the Club Managers. If the dispute is unsettled it will be brought to the attention of the Board.
· Be respectful of the other members of pool, by conducting yourself in an appropriate manner at all times.
· No pets are permitted on the club grounds at any time.
· No floats, chairs, coolers, or any large items may be kept on the pool deck. Pool deck must remain clear for all members and staff at all times.

Reminder: Snack Shack is cash only.

· All members must check-in at the front desk. Our staff will sign-in each member. Misuse of the membership log may result in loss of club privileges.
· All members and guests must have a completed medical form and liability waiver online prior to entering the club.
· Members must register and pay for all guests. Guests must be accompanied by a member when visiting the club. Guests must have a signed liability waiver on file and check in at the front desk before using the facilities.
Guest fees and limitations are as follows:
• $10.00 Individual per day

*Guest blackout dates: Opening and Closing weekends including the holiday (Memorial & Labor Day) and July 4th.
• Guests age two and under are always admitted at no charge
• Guests are limited to 3 visits per calendar month.
· Out of town guest fees and family guest fees may also be available. Please contact Membership.
· You must be 18 years of age to purchase a membership.
· Children aged 10 and over are permitted at the club without supervision. Exhibiting inappropriate behavior or failing to comply with Club rules will result in suspension of pool privileges for as long as the Club managers deem necessary.
· A parent, adult, sitter or other responsible party over the age of (12) must supervise children under the age of (10). This includes swim lessons, tennis lessons, swim/dive team practices or events, as well as open swim.

To purchase additional credits (passes) you can pay for individual at the door OR you can purchase online through your account.  5 guest credit for $40 can be pre-purchased online through you account only. Credits do not transfer year to year.

· The small tent, ( front gate) and the tent on the North side (Large Tent) of the pool are both available for private parties.
· The main shelter is not available for rental.
· Tents can be reserved in 4 hour increments from noon to 4pm or 4pm to 8pm.
· Cost of tent rental is $30 for the front tent and $40 for the north tent. This is for the 4 hour period.
· Payment is due at the time of reservation. No reservation will be accepted without payment through the manager on duty.
· Payment is refundable if cancellation notice is received AT LEAST 48 hours prior to reservation. No exceptions.
· A refund is only available if the pool and/or club are closed due to weather.
· Members are responsible for all clean up after their party. Clean up fees may be charged to your account if not properly removed.

· Excessive and abusive alcohol use
· Sick children – this includes fever, diarrhea and vomiting.
· Pushing, running, unnecessary roughness and/or horseplay
· Profane language and inappropriate behavior.
· Glass articles or containers -other than eye glasses
· “Power” squirt guns
· Running on the deck or in the grass
· Being in the pool or on the pool deck within 30 minutes of lightning or thunder.
· No kickball, baseball etc. will be allowed on the Volleyball Court.
· Swimming without a lifeguard on duty
· Flips, back dives or somersaults from the side of the pool
· Swimming in the dive area while the boards are open
· Expectorating or nose blowing
· Beverages and/or food are prohibited in the pool and on the pool deck.
· Chewing gum.
· Unnecessary roughness and/or horseplay
· No drinks are allowed in the pool, must be kept on the side of the pool.

· Illegal substances and underage drinking are strictly prohibited. These are prohibited from the parking lot, tennis courts, deck and walking path. Please notify a manager immediately if this rule is being violated.
· Smoking/Vaping is NOT permitted in the following areas: Pool, Pool deck, wading pool, shelter and tents, play area, or where signs are posted. Club members may smoke/vape with discretion in the designated areas of the pool (West Side) but please be respectful of those around you and dispose of butts properly.
· Please place all waste paper, cigar and cigarette butts, cups, food wrappers, cans and other trash in the proper waste containers.
· No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters are permitted on the tennis courts or inside the pool.
· No ball, lacrosse or Frisbee throwing inside the front gate.
· Bicycles must be parked in the bike rack or on the bike patio.
· Young children must be assisted when using the toilet. If a child you’re responsible for has an accident in the bathroom, you must contact a manager to get the proper cleaning supplies and disinfectants you’ll need to clean up the mess.
· All diapers must be changed inside the restrooms and not on any pool deck.

· In the event of thunder or lightning, EVERYONE must exit the pool and clear the pool deck immediately. No one will be permitted back into the pool until thirty (30) minutes has passed since the last lightning was seen or the last thunder was heard.

· There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY in this area.
· A parent or sitter MUST accompany children in the wading pool area at all times!
· The baby pool is intended for the use of small children and/or those unable to use the main pool. Generally, this means age four (4) and under. Circumstances may warrant an older child using the wading pool with adult supervision.
· Inflated toys are permitted; however, toys which may cause injury to other children are prohibited. No large floats.
· Swim diapers or plastic pants are required for anyone susceptible to “accidents”. All diapers must be changed inside restrooms and not on the baby pool deck or chairs.

· Only one person at a time on the board.
· Wait your turn on the deck, NOT on the steps, platform, or end of the board.
· Wait for the previous person to reach the ladder before going off the board.
· NO GOGGLES or INFLATABLE DEVICES while going off the board.
· NO DOUBLE BOUNCING on the end of the board when it’s not a dive approach.
· No RUNNING off the boards.
· No diving or jumping off the side of the board. No catching someone jumping off the board