A New Journey Begins

Over the 2023 Season we are going on a journey into a modern membership solution.  This comes with a new website, mobile device compatibility and self service account maintenance.  The images and graphics may be a bit outdated.  But this year we are going to have the opportunity to update all of this content without having to go update code in the background.  The new platform has much more user friendly editing tools where just about everyone on the board will be able to author new content for our members.

Membership in particular is going to be transform into a much more manageable situation.  If any of you have had to deal with the membership boxes or all of the crazy amount of work it took to manage all the new and returning members every year.  Then you will be ecstatic to hear:

  • Waitlist entry will be self service
  • Email communications to members will be possible for all board members
  • Member accounts will be self service

There is so much more I’d like to mention.  But for now this will do.

We’ll post again soon.