Forest Hills Swim Club


Membership Hotline: 513-307-7724
For all membership inquires, please use the hotline (or email below). Your questions or comments will be directed to our membership committee. Use it to learn about membership, payment of dues, questions about your bill, comments on the quality of service, and any other issues important to you. This line does not ring at the front desk at the pool.

Membership Email:
If email is your preferred method of communication, you can always email us and we will get back to you with your inquiry.

***Early Incentive***
We are offering incentives to those who wish to get a jump start on summer and pay early. Any member who pays $250 by January 31st will receive 2 sheets of guest passes, any member who pays $250 by March 15th will receive 1 sheet of guest passes. Each sheet contains 1 family and 4 individual passes. NOTE: The most guest passes you can receive for early payment is 2 sheets

Initiation Fee Payment Options
There are two ways to pay off your initiation fee:

• You can pay the entire initiation fee the first year you join and receive a $100

   discount, bringing the total amount of the initiation fee to $500. This $100 discount

   is only available if you pay the initiation fee the first year you join.

• You can effectively "pay off" your intiation fee ($500) over a four year period by

   paying the non-initiated dues rate. Your membership will automatically switch to an

   initiated status your fifth year of membership and you will then begin paying your

   yearly dues at the initiated rate.

Local Guest Fees
• $4.00 Individual per day for Monday - Friday
• $5.00 Individual per day for Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
• $15.00 Family per day at all times
• $2.00 Individual after 5 PM* (no family rate applies)
• *- this rate only applies on days when club is not hosting a special evening event,

       such as Family Night. If ther is a special evening event, then the full day rate

       applies for the entire day
• Guests age two and under are always admitted at no charge
• Guests are limited to 3 visits per calendar month

Out of Town Guest Fees
• Guests (single) are admitted for $4 a day or $15 a week.
• Family groups are admitted for $15 a day or $50 a week.
• Guests aged 2 and under are admitted at no charge.
• Weekly passes can be purchased at the front desk.

2018 Membership Application Form for ALL Members

2018 Emergency Health Information Form

2018 Waiver Liability Form